This is the first song that I wrote and produced on my own.

The organ was the basis for the song, but then I wanted to record the soundscape of outside my house at night and blend it in with the music. I found an electronic drum and played a beat on my keyboard that I liked to play on repeat with the organ.

I played around with bell sounds on the keyboard a lot writing various parts. I wanted the song to evolve, but from the perspective of what was happening on top of the track, not the drum beat and organ backing the track. So I kept writing various parts on the keyboard with different bell sounds on the track.

The main lead part switches from one bell sound to another midway through the song. At the end of the song, a magical star shower sound is created with another bell sound and running my hand down the keys of the keyboard. I developed an ethic very early on to make everything sound organic, so I played each part in one take as perfectly as I could. That’s something I would continue to do in future songs.

That ethos of making things sound organic made recording vocals very challenging for me. I had lots of noise from my family at home, so I had to ask for privacy. I was constantly scratching out lyrics and rewriting things if for any reason, then it was because what I was singing didn’t fit the beat. I was glad with the outcome, and I learned a lot with the process.

My grandpa loved this song a lot. When I showed it to him he said it reminded him of a white tiger roaming around the forest at night, as if the lyrics were written about this tiger.

Since then I’ve basically decided that this is what the song is all about. And I keep this song in tribute to my grandpa. Love you grandpa.