Rockabye Baby

This song is dedicated to my nephew. I took care of him a lot as a baby and I always wanted to write a lullaby, so this was my chance to do that, and to show my nephew how much I care about him.

As I remember, this took 6 months to complete, and it was a struggle because initially I didn’t know what I was doing at all. It didn’t actually occur to me that this song could be a lullaby until I meditated on the synth chords and I felt it going in that direction.

The drums came first and I played them using MIDI and with an MPC 1000 as a drum controller. I played the drums with my fingers and I got the natural feel I wanted, and I focused on finding a synth part to work together with it. This is where things got messy. I tried things and thought they worked, but they didn’t, and I decided to throw away everything and start again. Rinse and repeat.

Eventually I found a synth pad part I really liked, and I stuck with it, and it made me feel like writing a lullaby. I recorded the guitar plucks to add some character to the track, and then I felt like the song needed something bombastic. I searched a lot and found a heavy bass sound and tried it out. The song had its form, it just needed something special, so I added a sample from Rainbow Road in Mario Kart 64 and EQ’d it to blend it into the track.

This all sounds like it happened linearly, but it was very scatterbrained. It took me a while to write the lyrics and get the tune down and sing it to my satisfaction on the track. Mixing the song was also a task, but I just tried to trust my ear and pay no matter to anything else.

My nephew loves NASA and outer space things, which is why the video has footage of rockets and outer space. The other video footage is just supposed to bring up lullaby-like feelings. I hope you enjoy it!