Around the Corner (Happyness)

This is probably the best song I’ve wrote and the one I worked the hardest on.

My dad brought home an electric-acoustic guitar, and oddly it was a Fender. I was obsessed with how it sounded with its stock strings and decided I had to write a song with it. I had an electric-acoustic Takamine nylon guitar, so in my head I visualized using both of them together in the song.

The drums and guitar came first. I think this was my first time trying Logic’s drummer, and if I remember they only recently released the feature at the time. I was so determined to record this guitar track, after a few hours of working I had the drum track I wanted, and I had a rough idea of the guitar. I kept practicing the recording of the guitar and managed to get a final take of the track.

The magic that happened with this track came with working with the rest of the song in bits and pieces. I tried out a bunch of synth sounds at various places in the track, and one rotating synth just worked in the first chorus. I also needed a lead-in to the song and the Fender wasn’t sounding right, so I tried the Takamine by arpeggiating the main chords for an intro and it worked. Again, the Takamine came in handy during the bridge when I played sparse notes with a delay, it added the perfect ambiance. I also found some loops in the Apple library that when cut and placed at the right place added the perfect kick to the song.

My sister heard the instrumental for this song as I was composing it from the living room. She came in and basically took over. She liked the track so much, she started writing to it right away and was telling me to cue it back to parts so she could hear them again and think of what to put down.

That’s pretty much how this song came to life, save the mixing and mastering process, which was quite a lot of experimenting.

Hopefully you enjoy listening to this. It haunts my memory pleasantly, and I hope it’ll be a good haunting for you.